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did you say VICTIM

How many times does a survivor/victim of domestic violence & sexual assault have to listen to you tell them “it’ll be fine”, “tell me again what happen”, “you should stay with him, he did apologize”, “you put some years in together”. When a victim speaks understand that their voice comes from a place of shame, fear, and uncertainty.  When you question their thought process, always remember to take precaution with your words. It may take them a moment or two to process what you’re saying. Here’s an interesting piece from Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence. “Why didn’t you say something,” they’d ask, looking concerned and confused. “I could have helped you. I could have done something!” And I believe them. Had they known how horrible my life had become, I have no doubt that they would have done their best to help me. But all this happened more than twenty years ago. Today, I’m healed, emotionally healthy, and over it—and have the clarity of hindsight to see that my friends and family would have helped me. But back then, not so much. Because when you’re in the thick of things, in the middle of a Hell that you’re convinced is of your own making, you can’t see anything clearly. Fear and shame consume you—they’re your constant companions.”

Read the rest of article. When life’s journey is rough or you don’t know what to do, understand you don’t have to be a victim. Find a safe place, slowly start saving your money, and by all means take control of your life. As always BE SAFE. Let Goddess Armor Protection add a level of protection to your life with a FABULOUS Taser. I have a color for every occasion (red, blue, black, pink, and gold).


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