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Do Pepper Sprays Work

Did you know Goddess Armor Protection is an independently owned business right here in the Ft Hood area. Selling tasers, stun guns and pepper sprays, and teaching self defense. Check out my latest article.PEPPER SPRAYS DO THEY WORK.

I had a client tell me that pepper sprays don’t work and they were immuned to the pepper spray because he went through the chamber in the Army and he use too be a corrections officer at a local prison. Since he had all this knowledge I let him talk. I don’t know if it was man vs female thing, or he was really believing what was coming out his mouth. I’ll be honest there might be times when a spray isn’t as effective as it should be. Here’s why; you failed to test the actuator pin when you made your purchase, the unit has expired (they don’t last forever).Pepper sprays loss it’s potency, or believe it or not you’ve sprayed it a couple times while “playing” with it, now it’s empty. Most sprays tell you how much is in the container.Lastly, on the off the chance you’ve encountered a person that’s on a SUPER DRUGGED OUT HIGH, their reaction time will definitely be altered. You spray and move, don’t sit there and wait……..
Did you know there is more than one type of pepper spray on the market? There’s the foam, the foam,the fogger, the stream/aerosol, and my favorite the gel. Each one has a different delivery and effect, but do the same thing. They all are geared towards disabling the attacker. The fogger’s delivery will dispense a thick fog, to reach numerous people, the stream will dispense directly to the attacker, the foam is much like a man’s shave cream only it delivery is directly towards the attacker and sticks. The gel spray, is a good pick because it shoots out like the elmer’s school glue we all use to use in school and it sticks to the perp, making it more difficult to remove. Most pepper sprays have a colored UV dye, a burn % and tear gas element. so here you can temporarily blind them and choke them out. YEAH
If you want to learn more about pepper sprays drop me note, or head over to the G.A.Protection website and pick up one of these beauties. Until then BE SAFE. And remember friends don’t let friends ride around unprotected.





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