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Do you know your attacker

Day 5 of Sexual Assault Awareness month- Do you know your attacker?

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Imagine this you’re out with some friends, males and females. As the day or evening progresses someone in the group begins to become overly flirtatious to point where you become uncomfortable. You try and brush it off but things begin escalate to a point of grabbing at your clothes, trying to kiss you and then one of your other “friends” takes you into another room and then the overly aggressive friend comes into the room. While one person watches the other rapes you. When it’s over both of your “friends” tell you to keep your mouth closed, & tell you that no one will believe you if you tell. What do you? You probably start to cry, later you might withdraw from society, or begin to take drugs. The bottom-line you start to change.

What do you do?  Often when society talks about rape, they have this picture of some random man climbing over the fence, coming through a window of a residences, and ripping someone’s clothes off.  But in reality most rapes that occur are carried out by someone you know; a friend, an uncle, classmate, co-worker, babysitter, or girlfriend. The point is the rapist has the face of comfort, they smile, they’re courteous, they mow your lawn, they fix things in the house, they even go on family trips. The rapist could be anyone. Never assume that it can’t or won’t happen to you. It can happen in the blink of an eye, or it might take weeks before they strike.  Now don’t get me wrong “stranger” rapes still do occur and both them are equally horrendous but always be aware of your surroundings. Get involved in you community and lend a voice to the unspoken.

Visit SALSA Sexual Assault Legal Service & Assistance http://www.hopelaws.org/ for more information and to get assistance.

Written by Ms. Dora, 2015 Goddess Armor Protection, PO BOX 2118, Harker Heights, TX 76548


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