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I Don’t Remember

Hello everyone I’d like to share an article that I read earlier today.So many times woman fer leaving, others just don’t know where to turn. Often there are children involved and are afraid to leave because of the them. We have to be able to give them all a voice.
We as a society don’t like to face the unpleasantness of abuse or neglect, but I can assure you it’s real. And these women need your voice. Is this lady your mom, sister,granny, chances are it is, and the last time you thought to help you stopped because you didn’t want to get anyone in trouble.
So you elected to to allow to be continually punched, kicked, burned,slapped and verbally beaten just because it it didn’t feel right.
Well here’s to you. Thank you for your accomplishment.
For everyone else lend a voice to those voices that have become silent.




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