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Meeting the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce

Recently, I was offered an invite to attend a Sip and Greet by our local Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce here in Harker Heights, TX. The event was held at the a local spa the Skin Deep Salon & Day Spa in Harker Heights, TX.

The ladies of the chamber of commerce were so helpful, excited for my business, at the prospect of Goddess Armor Protection joining them and other many Harker Heights businesses. Following our meeting I joined the ladies at the spa where many other businesses joined us; real estate, restaurant owners, business/ finance consultants, spa owners, and non-profit organizations, The evening was filled with information exchange, networking and an overall good time that was had by all.

Many new and exciting endeavors will be coming for this self defense business. Stay tuned.

In the meantime join me at the meet up at the Field House Gym in Harker Heights, TX 12 September 2016 the Premier Gun Show at the Round Rock Sports Center in Round Rock, TX on 17 and 18 September 2016

Goddess Armor Protection

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