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No Place To Go?

Hey there, it’s your Safety Goddess here asking what are your plans for the weekend of Jan 13-14 2018? Did you know that The Real Gun Show is going to at Bell County Expo Center, Belton TX this weekend



Now most people assume that the only thing you can buy at a gun show is a gun. Well that ain’t right, you’d be surprised at the hidden treasures/vendors you’d find. Here are just a few categories

  • Self – defense items
  • candle scents
  • prepper / Survivalist supplies and equipment
  • hunting gear
  • fishing gear
  • camping supplies
  • even ATV’s from time to time
  • knives
  • …and much, much more

And this week end when you come out, there’s a Sami Show happen as well. So come out and visit with Goddess Armor Protection and JR Watkins Independent Rep 857131

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