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No Self Defense Class

Over the past couple months I’ve talked to and listened to women as they begin to let me  know why they might not need my services. Now before I  tell you what they are, let me start be saying that I in NO WAY want to take away from any woman and how she feels about her safety. My purpose is always to open the doors and minds to everyone out there and let them now that is about you and the need to live that life free from fear. Below is the TOP TEN LIST OF WHY PEOPLE DON’T TAKE SELF DEFENSE CLASS

1.My husband gave me a gun

2.I’m not in shape to take a class

3. I’ll pray to God if I get attacked

4. I stay home all the time

5. I’m not attractive enough to be attacked

6. I’m too old to get attacked

7. I’m always with friends, whose going to bother me

8. Classes are too expensive

9. I don’t have time

10. It doesn’t work

You’re right self-defense class don’t work if you never take a class, an attacker will come into home without ringing the doorbell, a gun is no good if you don’t use it, & yes you can become a number. BUT WHY??

Why, take the chance & become a victim? Stand-Up, You Matter

Goddess Armor Protection has the right class for you:

Self-defense, anti-bullying, sexual assault awareness, concealed

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