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pack some power with the flashlight stun gun

Have you been looking for a stun gun that small enough to deliver the power you need but it’s not big and bulky? Well check out the Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun. This Stun Master is packed with 18 Million Volts of put down power, it’s made of high quality aircraft aluminum. Although it’s a stun gun, it’s also flashlight that will help you see whose around  you. You get three functions in one: a stun gun, a flashlight, and a baton to knock the perp on their azz. So what are you waiting for?  Get your hands on this beauty and add a layer of safety to your life.

Now you know with all my products I don’t just advocate buying a product. I also want you to know how to use it and be comfortable with it. Get yourself enrolled in self defense class, learn to be more aware of your surroundings and stop being oblivious thinking that nothing will happen to you. As long as there are demented, sick in the head, sexual perps in the world you will never be safe.


Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

Stun Master Mobile Charger Flashlight Stun Gun 18 Million Volts

Written by Goddess Armor Protection, 2015


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