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self defense is important

It’s never too late to become empowered as a woman. You should learn to protect yourself, it’s your life. It does matter what you look like, how much money you have, if you own a gun because guess what the attacker DOESN’T care. They are there to take your power from you. Don’t let them, get involved in taking self-defense, or an awareness class.

Besides learning defensive moves, add another layer of protection, by purchasing a tazer. Let me tell you why I love the tasers we carry.Tasers are a non-lethal form of defense, that release an electrical charge of electricity to the perpetrator for up to 30 seconds, and have a reaching range of up to 15 feet. One key factor that I love is that the tazer can also be used as a stun guns, if you have already deployed the electrical probes.

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