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Sex trafficking in Texas

Good morning, I wanted to share with you an opportunity I had last week to attend a viewing of a documentary called In Plain Sight. I attended because the picture on the card of TRAFFICK911 intrigued me. You see the card showed a pair of hands in the air, wrapped in chains, and on the backside was the face of a girl. I had seen this advertised before so it really got my attention to wanted to learn more. So Angela and I drove to Belton, TX to watch the viewing. When we got there, we had the great opportunity to talk with so many other women and men that wanted to make a change in how our children are groomed to become part of the seeding side of society. These women and men in attendance wanted to have a voice in Texas for change. Sex trafficking is very real right here in Central Texas. They mentioned what they called the Texas corridor, the triangle of trafficking.  I want to say I was amazed at what was happening right underneath our noses, but I’m not. So many times when we look at the prostitute, the escort, call, the ladies/men of the night we always think the worst that we never understand the story or how they got there in the beginning and that’s how TRAFFICK911 comes into place. TRAFFICK911 documents the story of some of these faces that you will probably never talk and listen to their journey to the underside of society. A majority of these didn’t wake up one bright, shining morning and say gee I want to be a prostitute. They had dreams and aspirations just like you did. What happened in some of these instances was at an early age these children often ran away from home and had no place to go, but they found comfort, food, and most of all they found someone to listen to them. Then the person they found slowly started to manipulate into the sex trade, often times beating them, giving them drugs, telling them they were worthless, and working on their insecurities, and not given them any money. The longer they were there the longer they felt they had no place to go. They’re left embarrassed and ashamed because of this profession. They chose to stay and endure the beatings, use drugs, the humiliation because society says this is where you belong. This is so far from the truth…..

Human trafficking just isn’t happening in central Texas, it’s not just a Texas thing. Human trafficking, the sex trade is happening all over the world often times right underneath your nose often times in small-town America; not just in Los Angeles, not just in Chicago, not just in Dallas and not just in New York City, but right next door. Take the time and visit www.traffick911.com http://www.traffick911.com/resources/video-resources/for more information.

I want everyone to stay regardless of the situation that you might find yourself in. Always let someone know your plans. Never, ever leave someone behind that you came with.

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Written by Ms. Dora Goddess Armor Protection, 2015.





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