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Well today made me think about wanting to just to share something a little different, but not totally shying away from personal safety.

Some people mark the Summer time by the kids getting out of school, some by the holiday, and for the people down South it’s marked just because it’s HOT as Hell. Which ever way you mark the mark the Summer keep this drink recipe handy (with or without alcohol). It’s sure to be winner. But you should also know that with the hot weather, it also makes people’s temperatures rise, people fight more in the Summer than in the winter. That’s interesting don’t you think?

If you feel under threat from anyone TRY and think twice before reacting. Don’t turn your back to them, just try to back away slowly, or move slowly to the side. Once there’s an engagement, it’s hard to stop, but by all means defend yourself.So here are my posted pics for today.The Hot Mama Margarita is from the Wine Sisterhood. and the other two are from postings sent to me.




1901915_646803145376223_1428075664_nshoe weapon

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