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Texas Ranks 1 In The Nation

Today in the news it was reported that Texas ranks #1 in the nation for sex trafficking. While I love living here in the big state of Texas, this is nothing to be proud of. Although, I’ve know this for sometime it’s still shocking to hear about today.

At the same time it was reported on another news station that a father (Patricio Medina) of a 38 day old baby girl was convicted of sexually assaulting her. Read that again 38 days old!!! When the baby was taken to the hospital she had broken ribs from him holding her so tight and other broken bones.

Last week 123 children were recovered in a sex trafficking sting operation a couple weeks ago.

Why am writing about these horrible occurrences, because these are the sick times in which we live. Sick minded people live among us everyday. They are our family members, school teachers, city officials, class mates and even “friends”. In the military we had a word that has stuck with me since retiring. And that word was vigilant. Meaning watch for danger and possibly difficulties. To¬† me that word met always be alert to what’s happening around you. I don’t expect people to live in panic mood but I expect people to listen, talk, and react to situations around them. Some might call you nosy, some might tell you to mine your business. But in the end there might be a different outcome for someone else.

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