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You need protection

Not to long ago I posted on the Goddess Armor Protection FB that I found it astounding that people will invest hundreds maybe thousands in an alarm system for their house and for their vehicles but refuse to recognize that they need to protect themselves.

As a human being we are the most valuable asset out there is, not the Mercedes, not the Jetta, not the F-150. Nor is the 3,000 sq ft home with pool with all the plush furnishings. But day after day when people leave the house they set the house alarm, set the car alarm before they go into the store. But as you walk away you stand there clueless, on the cell phone talking to whomever on the phone. or the kids start screaming at you. In the end you are now the target.

You put yourself out at the cost of life, does that make any sense to you? It shouldn’t make any sense especially when for the cost of medium coffee from your coffee spot, a pack of smokes,

Take Back Your Power
Take Back Your Power

or a descent bottle of wine you can purchase a pepper spray or other self-defense product. However, even with a self protection product it’s advisable to enroll in some type of self defense class.


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