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Today is Day 3 Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and I wonder how many people have even taken notice?
There is so much going on right underneath our noses and we continue to be oblivious to the obvious. Voices that we hear crying in the night are the cries echoing from hollow halls of fear. You hear the woman crying in the night not because she just won a prize or because one of children got accepted to play on pro sports team, she cries because she was just sexually assaulted again. It’s not the cries of the baby that lays there crying because they’re hungry, they cry because some monster just violated them. Or maybe it’s a teenager that’s away at college and was just assaulted at at the campus after party and she’s drunk.
I often tell my clients/customers that I use to be a sexual assault coordinator at a medical facility where I worked and I would often cry in the inside as I listened to the stories of heartbreak and I would often wonder who is going to step up and help them? Because the scars that these victims and survivors have gone through are deeply embedded inside of them and they often don’t know what to do. They often try and talk about it to someone and that someone may have been you. But you didn’t know what to do you probably shrugged it off, maybe you gave them a smirk. But what can you do as a friend as a mother, as a sister, brother, grandma or grandpa? You can talk and listen to other people when they come your way. Or better yet you can help educate and get the word out before something even happens. Yes it’s as simple as talking about what’s going on: don’t be so trusting of someone else, not everyone is your best friend, remember not to leave your friends behind when you go out, don’t give all your personal information out on social media or to everyone. So much with so little can be done and if you can’t do it with talk add layer of protection with some self protection products.

There is no reason why in this day and age anyone should be walking around unprotected, or unsure about their life because someone is making fun of them or even a prostitute/escort that walks the streets. These prostitutes and escorts put their life in someone else’s hands every time they go to make a dollar to survive. Don’t put your life in someone else’s hands use something as simple as metal cat key-chain, a mini stun gun,a personal body alarm, or a spicy pepper spray. These small items will assist if you ever find yourself in the situation you can’t find yourself out of. But I want to also implore each and everyone out there to take a self-defense class, learn about situation awareness, because you have to stay alert to stay alive.
Contact Dora today to receive *2 FREE CRIME REPORTS* and get scheduled for self-defense class, learn about situation awareness or anti bullying awareness for kids. Be safe out there, and enjoy your life.
This is your safety Goddess Ms. Dora wishing you a joyous and resurrecting Easter weekend

Written by Ms. Dora Goddess Armor Protection, April 2015

I stand ready to serve you now
I stand ready to serve you now

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