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No rioting in the street, young ladies’ lives matter

It doesn’t get any easier when you see all the trash that’s happening in the world today. Black/White, Rich/Poor, but you know what you rarely ever see anyone in the streets crying or talking about it’s the injustices that happens EVERY single day when it comes to domestic violence, sexual assault, teen dating violence  and even the killing of lives all in the name of love. That’s right love. How many times last week was there a riot in the street because a woman was raped or violated? The answer is NONE. But look around and see how many people rioted in the street across the country. Did their lives matter of course. Lives of women, and young girls matter. The story that I posted below and talked about is in no way blaming this young lady for her actions, but I wanted to show people that these issues need to be talked about, dealt with, and most learned from.

Some of the non-lethal self defense weapons that every woman should invest in first and foremost is a situation awareness class, self- defense class, concealed hand gun class, and always trust your gut instinct.  Check out the personal body alarms, whistles, date rape test kits,

Back in Aug 2014 I started my self defense website and business because of stories like this one. Young girls and ladies like Ms. Weist being attacked, raped, abducted and killed. When will we as society come to understand that this injustice doesn’t happen to someone else. Ms. Wiest could have been your daughter, sister, niece, or grand daughter.

Here’s an excerpt of how Ms. Weist met a monster and died.

“The warrant said Boyd seized Wiest’s phone, throwing it to the ground and breaking it.

“When she bent over to pick up the phone, he approached her from behind and placed her in a chokehold,” the warrant said. “He then took her to the ground and held her for five to 10 minutes until — according to Boyd — her face turned blue and she stopped twitching.”


MORE: http://dfw.cbslocal.com/…/11536180-irving-isd-student-kill…/

My thoughts and prayers go out to Ms. Wiest’s family.

It’s my duty and responsibility to make sure everyone female gets protected.
I’m not using this young lady’s death to sell products I want you know that you need to more aware of your surroundings, take a self defense/situation awareness class. You’re probably saying I have a gun I don’t need anything else. Well my response to you is, when was the last you practiced with it? Also noted you can’t carry a fire everywhere.
If you need more information on classes, or products contact me today, or shop online at www.goddessarmorprotection.net

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