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No Victims It’s All About You


It’s time for you to stand up and be accountable for actions. Will it be today? Take a look at my latest article with an attachment from the RAINN Foundation, as we get ready to enter into April.

Helping someone, that’s been sexually assaulted is easier than you realize. By the time, you read this posting a woman, a child and yes a man, will be sexually assaulted by someone they know. They’ll try and cover it up, they say things like; they really rough sex, they wanted to try something new, it’s just once, they might even laugh off a comment that was made about their partner. But it’s no laughing matter when it comes to being abused.

Next month begins National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and if you know anything about me this another cause that’s near to my heart. Next month stand in your truth, be counted in, and take a stand for someone or for yourself. I’ll be asking each and every one of you to support a cause, like a page, or share a page next month that I post. Don’t look the other way, just because it didn’t directly happen to you. Think of all the children that are being sexually trafficked, they didn’t ask for that life and all the other people that don’t know how to escape.

Here are a couple to get started

 National Sexual Assault Hotline: It’s never too late to let a friend know you care, and it’s never too late to get help. Share this resource with those in need ( online.rainn.org)or 800.656.HOPE.

NO MORE NO MORE was conceived to amplify the power of the domestic violence and sexual assault movement using a unifying symbol to drive awareness and break down the barriers of stigma, silence and shame that keep people from talking about these issues and taking action to prevent them (http://nomore.org/about/)

  • Get social: Connect with RAINN on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for shareable content, including specific ways you can care for your friends. Share RAINN’s #SAAPM graphics, tweet statistics and don’t forget to include the hashtag #SAAPM.
  • Talk to Congress: Ask your members of Congress to support the bipartisan Campus Accountability and Safety Act, (S. 590/H.R. 1301) a bill that reforms how colleges address sexual violence on campus. Visit the RAINN Action Center to learn more about how you can #ActWithRAINN.
  • Volunteer: Consider offering your time to help survivors of sexual violence. Volunteer for a sexual assault service provider in your area, take action on campus or share your story with others.
  • Become a RAINNmaker: By volunteering to raise money to support the National Sexual Assault Hotline, you can ensure that survivors get the recovery help they deserve. Sign up today.
  • Go to a screening of The Hunting Ground. Watch the new documentary about campus sexual assault to hear from survivors about their experiences, as well as to learn how many are taking action to end rape on college campuses.


In the end just put them in handcuffs
Take Back Your Power
Take Back Your Power



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