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Where Are the Children

Today is a GREAT day in the state of Texas. Colton’s Law was passed. Here’s an excerpt from  KHOU.com. Please take a minute of time and read the story.


To often no one wants to lean and take charge and move forward. Parents and family often will move the heavens and the earths to seek justice for the little ones that have no voice, because some monster silenced them. This is one of those stories.

‘Colton’s Law’ passes House Committee in unanimous vote. “I don’t know what to say. I feel like Colton is getting his justice. This is his justice. Protecting other kids,” said Colton’s great-aunt Raquel Helfrich Wednesday evening after the vote. “I’m blessed that they did that. It just made everything so much better and I know that my son got justice. He’s saving a lot of other kids that CPS didn’t,” said Colton’s biological dad Brandon Pelfrey.


Thank you Texas

Written by Dora Goddess Armor Protection, April 2015




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