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Ain’t No Lions and Tigers Here

When you go to the zoo you see all the cute panda beers, all elegant giraffes and maybe you’ll see all the colorful birds in the birds in the birdhouse.

But if you look deeper into the green jungle you’ll see the snow leopards, the snakes and all of the other animals that make the zoo a wonderful place to be. But did you know you can also find all those wonderful animals at the Goddess Armor Protection Self-Defense Online Store? And the best part you don’t even have to leave your home to see all the animals? Here at the Goddess Armor Protection Self-Defense Store you will find the one place where all my zebras, snakes, black bears, and green things all come together to protect you. Let me introduce you to my guide man for today Herbert. Herbert is my little green guy that will give you a stunning performance as he demonstrates his awesome powers and capabilities. That’s why I hired him for the tour. He can pack a punch and keep you safe with just a couple short bursts.

Hi,I’m Herbert please follow me I want to introduce you a friend of mine. Please don’t make any quick moves because this snow leopard will pounce as soon as she is awaken.She isn’t your ordinary snow leopard, Snowy, will come at you 12,000,000 volts striking power. Everybody knows jungle cats are big, but don’t let deter you from purchasing Snowy or one of her other friends. Snowy will fit in the palm of you hand, but she’s also big enough to knock out the perpetrator. Please no petting….

Now, if everyone will kindly stay alert and pay attention to where you walk we are going to continue through the Goddess Armor Protection Self-Defense Store, the snake cavern. If you look to your left you will now see an array of gorgeous snakes. Don’t be alarmed they won’t bite yet. As a matter fact they are only there to charm ordinary person. Play close attention as the Python strikes will strike out with 4.4 million volts of power through the nestling flowerbeds. But wait these aren’t your ordinary flowerbeds, these flowerbeds will put the perpetrator to sleep quicker than the flowers put Dorthy to to sleep in the Wizard of Oz.Step lightly, and step quickly but don’t leave the store there are so many other products that Herbert and Ms.Dora can introduce you to; Spicey Pepper Sprays, Tingling Stun Guns, Sticking Sticks, Hidden DVRs & so much more.

We are located in the big state of TEXAS, right smack dab in the center. You’ll find us doing various events, self-defense awareness classes, sexual assault awareness training, and community interaction.
We can be contacted
PO BOX 2118
Harker Heights, TX 76548

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