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A stupid stun gun

In today’s world there is much happening that people try and live their life in a bubble. Living in bubble maybe suitable for some, but for the majority of people that’s not possible. People sometime choose to live in fear because they feel there’s no other alternative.

There’s always an alternative and that’s to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER AND LIVE. Now you might be saying that’s easier said than done, I’ve been attacked, my boyfriend/husband abuses me, someone robbed me the other day. True enough not everyone has walked in each other’s shoes, but what you can do is make a difference right now.

Today’s topic is A Stupid Stun Gun.……. I’ve talked to men and women and sometime it surprises me at the responses that I get when it comes to a gun VS a stun gun. Please don’t get me wrong i’m all for get your gun, but I’m also for add a layer of protection with your gun. I had a potential client tell once that they were scared of a stun gun, but in the same visit she also mentioned that she carries a gun. She was afraid that she would shock/stun herself with a stun gun if she purchased one. But she wasn’t afraid of accidental gun discharge….. So when I asked her about gun, she mentioned it was in the bottom of her purse (a big TEXAS size purse), not on the outside where she could readily access it. So to me that made no sense.  When she made a decision to purchase the gun I hope she got some training and got a CHL. Now if she wanted to purchase a STUPID STUN GUN she should learn to be comfortable with it as well. Learn what the two or three buttons do, see if it came with a holster, if there’s a safety cord, is there an alarm. Buying a STUPID STUN GUN is no different than buying anything else. You have to comfortable with using it.

If someone was going to attack her, the time it would take her to deploy her gun, or stun gun from inside her purse would be pointless because the attacker is already there. Learn the basics of any lethal and non-lethal means of protection. The basics also include taking a situation awareness class or self defense class.

Your Goddess Dora can most certainly assist you with attaining concealed hand gun classes (Central Texas region), sexual assault awareness class, as well as situation awareness training.

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