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My Child is Safe or Are They

It’s Spring break, March Madness, sleep time for kids…… But it’s also time for parents/guardians to set up the game plan when it comes to knowing what’s going on the life of your child. You don’t have to be perfect but you do have to be inserted in their life. What does inserted mean, it means talking to, interacting, reading to, playing games (board games, video), playing a sport, taking them to a play or the movies etc.  You get the point. Inserted simply means to be with your child, don’t let your time be consumed with idleness. Have you ever wondered who your child is talking to on the Internet? You would be amazed  to know that your child might be talking with someone other than their “friends”. When was the last time you did a computer check? Did you know there are apps that can be used on cell phones, and created pixels on the computer that can disguise conversations and pics?

There are a lot of perverted minded people (men and women) that are willing to pay attention to your child. Now it’s not the same attention that they should get from a parent, but its attention just the same. Children and teens are lured to these sick minds with a simple key stroke and a simple hello. Now don’t get me wrong ,I truly understand what it means to be a parent of a child. We have to work, go to school, and go to functions but you to put in the work to keep your child/teen safer in today’s world. Here’s a list that I came up with. It’s not all inclusive, nor is 100% for everyone, but it’s a start point.

1. Purchase a computer internet safety kit- to screen or block internet sites.

2. Sweep computers, smartphones regularly

3. Know your child friends.. Go make visits to the homes where they say their going. Make sure you put eyes on the parents not an older sibling

4. Make unannounced visits to the school

5. Kids may deserve privacy in the home, BUT you own the home, there should no be nowhere you can’t go. They can tell you not to come in a room when they own their own home.

6. I met a gentleman a week ago and he was telling me that he has what he calls a three date rule. In the three date rule the guy that wants to date his daughter have to spend three dates at the house, before going on an outside date. This way the parents can observe they person’s behavior. No there’s no visits in the bedroom or out of site of the parents. After the home dates the couple is allowed to go out on a date outside of the house, and he and his wife know where they are.

7. If they have jobs go to the jobs for a visit. They might think it’s intrusive, but again you have to know their surroundings

8. Lastly, have their friends over from time to time, if possible

Nothing should be more important than the welfare of your child, nurture them.

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