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runner’s nightmare

A runner can be very limited as to what they can do when they leave their home but the what they can be is try and be prepared.

Here are some pointers from Dora of Goddess Armor Protection

The ultimate message is to always be safe

A RUNNER’S NIGHTMARE, Dora- Goddess Armor Protection, 2015

Can you defend yourself when you go running? Most women on average would say I don’t know, I’ve never thought of it.  Those two sentences alone should be shocking enough for any women or girl to take a stand for her own safety. What does that mean? That means staying alert and being prepared, and not running or walking with both ear buds in, or continually talking on the phone.

Before the Run

Always try to plan the route, especially if you are running a new route

Let someone know where you going. If you live alone, you might want to post it your fridge

While Running

Do not run or walk with both ear buds in ears

Vary your pattern (go in directions on different days)

Don’t go alone especially as it’s getting darker

Stray away from bushy areas, parking lots

Take notice of your surroundings; people following you, cars around you, activities occurring

What Happens if I’m Approached

Yell, anything, even if the attacker tells you to shut up

Put your hands in the air and YELL BACK OFF, WHAT DO YOUWANT, LEAVE ME ALONE

Never ever run further into the woods or away from a group of people

Remain calm. Don’t over exhaust yourself with a fight. Gain inner strength then let loose

Never leave point A…….!!!!!

If Attacked

Again, don’t overly exhaust yourself with struggling. Gain your inner strength then let loose

Calm the attacker, if possible

Take mentally notes ; place, smells, people, cars, clothes, their genital area… EVERYTHING

Don’t beg and plead, again try and remain calm


You can contact Dora of Goddess Armor Protection to purchase any self-protection product. Goddess Armor Protection is also available for situation awareness class, & a self-defense class.

Contact Dora 888- 926-9529, Email goddessarmorprotection@gmail.com, www.goddessarmorprotection.net



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