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Safety In Stilettos

He snatched out the car by my hair

He punched me in the face

I talked back

I didn’t have dinner made

I told him I didn’t want to have sex with him

She got robbed at the gas station

I went on a walk in the park

I’m safe in my hotel room, but someone broke in

How many times have you read or heard someone, usually a woman say these exact words? In truth this is everyday life for a lot of women that are in abusive relationships or don’t want to take a stance for their life. As women it’s imperative that you embrace, empower, and walk with confidence to make through the day. How do you that, where do you say enough is enough? You already know deep inside that you need to take ownership in your life, but where do you start. Do you buy a gun for protection? Yes, that could be a solution, since most people live and die by their guns, and there’s nothing wrong with that…. There are others that say, I’ll stay locked up in the house and pray  that know attacks them. Well let me say this, most attacks happen in the residence. Why is that? It’s because attackers don’t want to be seen. How many rapist rape their target  outside where they can be seen? The answer is slim to none.

In this day and age there is so much out there going on that often we don’t know where to turn. We leave ourselves out there looking like targets, making it easy for some dirt bag to do as they please. Have you heard of situation awareness, fight back or even don’t be the target? Sure you have if you’ve read any of previous blog postings. You can’t always live your life in fear, yes it good to have a degree of fear, that’s normal. But you can’t live by the code of others that want to harm you, they tell you what to do, or make you a prisoner in your own home. HOW DO TAKE BACK YOUR POWER & LIVE YOUR LIFE? The first step is own your own abilities that you have buried inside of you. Secondly, I want you to bust down those walls that have the words I CAN’T written on them. Lastly, don’t be a punching bag, or the person that let’s others talk to you the way they please, enroll yourself in a self-defense class.

I recommend taking Safety In Stilettos class given by Goddess Armor Protection.  Remember earlier  in the article I mentioned that some people will opt for a gun? Well that’s fine and great but what if you don’t have the gun, you drop it during the attack, or worst yet you run out of ammo? Why not rely on your abilities, or add another layer of protection? In my self defense classes with Goddess Armor Protection- Safety in Stilettos class you’ll learn blocking techniques, where various pressure points are, so you can escape your attacker. How to get out of front, back, and side chokes, to include how to get away from someone that has you pinned to the wall with their arm in the back of your neck. You’ll also learn how to maneuver your way out of being pinned to the ground, which is probably one of the most feared positions to be in for anybody, we’ll call this the 5 second rule. You’ll also learn how be more alert by staying off your cell phones, removing your ear buds while running, being alert when leaving a store. Lastly, you’re going to learn how to defend in place using some self defense weapons (stun guns, tasers, pepper sprays, and flashlights. Yes, a flashlight.

The weapon of choice.
The weapon of choice.

Top10 reasons for not taking self defense class

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